A new way
to experience
hydrogen inhalation

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SUHAKU - High concentration hydrogen generator

Take a deep breath. Experience the energy of the hydrogen breeze…
On average, we all take 20,000 breaths every day. With each breath, we take around 500 ml of air into our lungs. We take air for granted, but we may not fully realise that, in this increasingly polluted world, every breath contains substances that can threaten our health.

At Suhaku Space, we can now offer our clients a device which enables us to combat the noxious effects of pollution, in our own homes.

The Suhaku Home Hydrogen Generator uses a brand new system to administer hydrogen into the body, by combining it with air, and delivering it as a gentle breeze through a nozzle. This avoids the need for the use of a cannula, which is the system used by conventional hydrogen generators. However, for those who prefer to use a cannula, or to experience hydrogen therapy through goggles, both cannula and goggles can be bought separately and fitted instead of the nozzle.

*The Suhaku Home Hydrogen Generator is only available from Suhaku Space in South Kensington, exclusively for clients who have experienced hydrogen therapy in the salon.

SUHAKU mobile

Hydrogen is the smallest and lightest of all the molecules. It can be absorbed through the skin, the nose, mouth or eyes.

The specially designed spiral nozzle of the Suhaku device creates a flow of hydrogen, wrapped round with air, which you will feel as a gentle breeze. Simply sit within 40cm of the nozzle, and inhale as normal.

Enjoy the benefits of hydrogen in the most convenient, comfortable and hygienic way.

Use the SUHAKU hydrogen generator at home, office and anywhere you like

“I could do with a facial every day!”

Although you cannot see it, hydrogen, as the smallest molecule, can penetrate anywhere into your body. Why not switch it on as you go through your daily beauty regime, and enjoy the anti-ageing benefits conferred by the hydrogen. Breathe in the hydrogen slowly, then try applying the nozzle to your face as well.

Aroma essences for your Suhaku Hydrogen Generator

The Suhaku device also allows you to enjoy six different aromatic essences, diffused through the nozzle along with the hydrogen, whenever and wherever you are using the device.


Start by dripping your chosen essence onto the aroma paper, then fit this into the holder and attach it to the nozzle. Sit back, breathe in and enjoy the fragrance. *The aroma essences and papers are replaceable items, available in the Salon.

“I don't even have time to catch my breath!”

Being too busy at work, getting overstretched and stressed all have a detrimental effect on your health. When this happens to you, bring the Suhaku device into your study, put it on your desk and select the Fast mode. Breathe normally, and reinvigorate your body without losing concentration as you work.

FAST MODE is used when you want a quick recharge, and delivers 100ml hydrogen per minute. Stops automatically after one hour.


“At last I can sit down and relax”

Where do you feel most at home? While watching TV, listening to music or reading? After a long day, as you settle down to relax, place the Suhaku device next to you and select the Standard mode. Breathe deeply and feel your body relaxing and recharging over the next couple of hours.

STANDARD MODE is used when you have more time, for example when reading or watching a movie, and delivers 50 ml hydrogen per minute. Stops automatically after two hours.


“If only I could get a decent night's rest”

People who are beauty-conscious never neglect their sleep, because we know that sleep is the best defence against the ageing process. But good sleep is also essential to maintaining good physical and mental health. As you settle down for the night, put the Suhaku device next to your bed with the nozzle at pillow height, and select Sleep mode. After six hours of gentle hydrogen therapy, you will wake feeling better rested and more refreshed than usual.

SLEEP MODE is used overnight, and delivers 30ml hydrogen per minute. Stops automatically after six hours.


How to use SUHAKU

Remove nozzle
1. Remove nozzle
Remove cap and filter
2. Remove cap and filter
Add purified water to the tank
3. Add purified water to the tank
Switch on
4. Switch on

Product Specifications

Spec 1
Spec 2
Spec 3
Spec 4
Spec 5
Spec 6
Product Name SUHAKU
Product Code FLAI-21UK
Hydrogen Purity 99.99%
Hydrogen Volume Rate 100 / 50 / 30ml per minute
Air Flow Strong / Gentle
Type of Water Used Purified water
Main Unit Dimensions 150mm W / 155mm D / 285mm H
Weight Approx. 1.45Kg
Materials Main Unit: ABS, PC, PCTG
Main Unit Cover: AL
Carrying Belt: PU
Power Consumption 60W
AC Adapter AC 100 − 240V
Electrode Life
Approx. 8,000 hours
Input DC12V
Country of Origin JAPAN